Zoom Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow
Zoom Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow
Zoom Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow
Zoom Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow

Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow

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  • Innovative, pressure-relieving Octacell™ technology
  • Comfort-boosting memory foam
  • Hypo-allergenic for healthier sleepWashable, moisture-wicking
  • Micro-air Pocket cover

Our Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow embodies our memory foam Micropearl™ technology, elevating your sleep to first class luxury.

W60cm L40cm D13cm | 1.61kg | Package W20cm L20cm H40cm

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Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow

$59.95 Regular price $99.00

2-year warranty

For peace of mind, your Octasmart® Essentials Pillow comes with a 2-year warranty.

80 nights risk-free trial

We want you to love your pillow, that's why your purchase comes with an 80 nights risk-free trial.

Free delivery Australia Wide

Take advantage of free delivery with every purchase over $150.

What goes into the Octasmart® Essentials Pillow?

A) Signature Micro-Air Pocket cover

Designed to promote free moving airflow with hundreds of micro-air pockets.

B) Memory foam Octacell™ layer

The 'unravelled' Octaspring® layer creates a pressure-relieving, supportive elastic structure.

C) Memory foam Micropearl™ technology

Our Micropearl™ formula provides deep comfort and superior airflow.

Superior airflow

Watch our candle test to discover how the Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow provides enhanced air circulation for a cooler sleep.

Ergonomic spine alignment

To relieve pressure points

Relief from aches and pains

Thanks to the Octacell™ formula

8x more breathable

For a fresher, cool sleep

Inspired by our award-winning Octaspring® technology

Inspired by our Octaspring® technology, the Essentials Memory Pillow uses an 'unravelled' version of the spring, known as an Octacell layer, designed to provide outstanding comfort and support for your head and neck.

10,000 open air cells for a cooler sleep

Thanks to the Octacell™ formula, there are hundreds of integrated air-filled cells inside the pillow, each providing cool comfort so you sleep faster, deeper and longer.

Comfort-boosting memory foam

In the centre of the pillow you'll find our memory foam Micropearl™ technology, designed to provide support, encourage spine alignment, and bring you cosy comfort for an easy night's sleep. Ideal for front, back and side sleepers.

Fresher sleep

The Octasmart® Essentials Memory Pillow is wrapped in a Signature Micro-Air Pocket cover which contains hypo-allergenic properties to provide you with a fresh, healthier sleeping environment. It's machine washable and made of ultra-soft material for that extra snuggly comfort!


Is the pillow cover washable?

Yes, the pillow cover is machine washable at 30°C. Although, thanks to the naturally enhanced airflow of the cover and its interior open-air cell structure, your pillow will stay fresher for longer, saving you the trouble of having to wash it on a regular basis.

Is the pillow hypo-allergenic?

Created using quality OEKO-TEX certified materials, the pillow is naturally hypo-allergenic. The hygiene of the pillow is enhanced through natural air circulation which is supported by its signature cover, consisting of hundreds of micro-air pockets. These magical pockets create cooling airflow and promote its anti-allergenic qualities.

Why is keeping cool so important for a good night's sleep?

Staying cool is vital to good sleep. Your body temperature naturally falls in the evening, signalling that it's time for bed. A lower temperature also tells your body to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. There's no doubt that you get better sleep when you're cool and comfortable (not hot and sweaty). The American Sleep Foundation has even recognised temperature as the #1 disrupter of sleep.

Why does my pillow seem thin after unpacking?

The pillow might seem flimsy when you first unpack it because it's made of memory foam, which is compressed for shipping and storage. When you first unpack your Every Comfort Pillow, it will begin expanding immediately. Within a few hours, you'll notice a significant increase in size as the memory foam starts taking its intended shape. However, it's important to be patient because it may take up to 24-48 hours for the pillow to fully decompress and reach its maximum thickness.


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