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Cooler night sleep with Octasmart Delux Mattress.

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The latest innovation in sleep technology


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The SMART way to sleep!

At Octasmart®  we asked ourselves where COULD we be with smarter sleep. Integrating our patented multi-award winning Octaspring® technology into the dynamic design of Octasmart®, our sleep experts took our smart comfort technology to shape smart sleep.

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Octaspring® Technology

The Multi-Award winning sleep technology

Smart science for Smart Sleep

Comfort for Couples

Sharing a bed can be detrimental to your sleep, with the potential for double the amount of disturbances during the night. With Octaspring® technology, our experts have harnessed the power of zero motion transfer so you don’t feel a thing, supporting your dreams with peaceful sleep that transforms unwanted motion into tranquillity for two.

Smart Zoning

Octaspring®’s smart zoning technology, shapes your sleep with varying firm-feel zones that instinctively respond to the unique needs of your body. These smart body zones sustain your sleep with specific support for your back, hips, shoulders and, most importantly, your spine for naturally nurturing sleep.

The Point Of Comfort

Octaspring® Technology balances your body weight with contouring comfort invigorated by a dynamic 3-dimensional design of eight-sided foam springs arranged to independently adapt to your body. These hundreds of extra sensitive comfort points alleviate unwanted pressure for sleep that’s supported, soothing, and above all, smart.

8 reasons to sleep better

Smart value

The savings we make in using 50% less material as a result of Octaspring® technology allows us to create smart sleep solutions with smart value in mind.

Engineered by Experts

As connoisseurs of comfort, our sleep team have over 100 years’ of experience in innovating award winning sleep solutions that transform dreams into a reality.

Blissful Breathability

Thanks to its dynamic design, Octaspring® is 8x more breathable than standard foam giving Octasmart® products that extra breath of fresh air of cooling comfort.

Aerospace Technology

Octaspring® technology, awarded for aerospace innovation, enhances your everyday life with star-quality comfort.

Engineered for everlasting excellence

Intensive testing has proven Octasmart®’s unrivalled durability and superior structural design in comparison to other industry standard solutions.

Beloved Bedtimes

Our beloved Octaspring® technology is adored by all those that indulge in Octasmart® sleep, with our five-star reviews we know that our sleep solutions will provide a soothing sanctuary for you too.

Created to Comfort

Octaspring® holds the promise of superior sleep with its award-winning aerospace technology that has been expertly integrated into our Octasmart® product range by our team of sleep scientists.

Smart AND Sustainable

Imbued with the power of Octaspring®, our Octasmart® products are considerably lighter and can be 100% recyclable, helping to reduce our carbon impact with smart and sustainable sleep saving one tree one Octasmart® sale at a time!

What our customers have to say about OCTAsmart

This topper changed my life. It is amazing! Made my old mattress feel new again. I can feel my body relaxing as soon as I lay down. I get up in the morning without aches and pains.

Rayeann W Customer

Sciatic pain gone! I'm sleeping longer and deeper than I have in many years. Thank you for a quality product that is worth every penny for the comfort it provides.


I ordered your mattress topper to replace a memory foam one I have had for several years. I am sleeping better since I am not waking up with hip or shoulder discomfort.

Elizabeth C Customer

Customer comfort is key

As creators of comfort, it’s our mission to innovate sleep solutions that satisfy. With Octasmart®, smart sleep technology specialises in creating customised comfort for you, promising a personal sleep experience that, as shown by our independent sleep studies, encourages you to fall asleep faster with longer deeper dreams, readying you for the following day ahead.


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