8 reasons to choose Octasmart® and our dreamy sleep range

I think we can all agree that a good night’s sleep is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It sets you up for a happier day; providing you with physical and emotional energy as well as the mental get-go you need to ensure a productive, more focussed day ahead.

At Octasmart®, our sleep experts used our multi-award-winning Octaspring® aerospace technology which combines the comfort of foam with the support of springs to create the perfect resting surface. Having passed rigorous aviation testing for use in aircraft seating, our experts took what was brilliant about the technology and repurposed it for sleep. Our mattress toppers and pillows are all created either using, or inspired by, this technology.

So, whether you’re tired of disturbed sleep or fed up with waking up in the mornings feeling achy and unrested, you’re ready to buy a new bed or you’re just browsing, we’ve got 8 reasons why Octasmart® should be on your radar…

1. Our products are cool and breathable

The Octaspring® structure, found in the Octasmart® TopperOctasmart® Pillow and Plus Topper, is not only 8x more breathable than most standard foam, it also creates its own micro-climate to regulate your temperature for cool, dry comfort.

Inside the Octaspring® technology is the Octavent air system which works to expel hot air and draw fresh cool air back in, reducing your body’s temperature by 3 degrees… so there’ll be no more waking up hot and sweaty!

The Essentials Topper and Essentials Pillow contain an Octacell layer (an ‘unravelled’ version of the Octaspring®) which creates a pressure-relieving elastic structure, with over 10,000 open air channels to enhance circulation.

2. Relief from aches and pains

With the Octaspring® technology at the core of all our products’ designs, whichever topper or pillow you opt for, it’ll ergonomically adapt to your body weight to provide the perfect support.

Our Octasmart® Topper and Plus Topper contain clever smart zoning which is created using Octasprings of different density to give optimal support for your shoulders, back, and hips, while our pillows allow your head and neck to feel cradled all night long. With your weight distributed properly, your body can take its natural alignment, therefore reducing pressure. Aches and pains, be gone!

3. Proven to help you sleep faster, deeper, and longer

An independent sleep study conducted by Fusion Sleep confirmed that sleeping on our multi-award-winning Octaspring® technology will promise you faster, deeper, and longer sleep.

The study revealed that you’ll fall asleep on average 3 minutes faster on Octaspring® vs the standard mattress. It also showed that the participants of the study fell into deeper stages of REM and stage four sleep, and that those sleeping on Octaspring® slept for a whole 8 minutes longer than those on the standard mattress.

The study also confirmed that sleeping on Octaspring® helps to regulate your body temperature and reduce it by 3 degrees. Impressive, right?

4. Perfect for all sleepers

Our toppers and pillows work to provide comfort for all bodies, so whether you sleep on your back, side, or front, you’re guaranteed the same support and pressure relief.

5. A fresher sleep

All our sleep products are wrapped in a Smart Performance cover which contains hypo-allergenic properties to provide you with a fresh, healthier sleeping environment. And if that wasn’t enough, the cover is made from an ultra-soft material for the ultimate snuggly comfort! Is it time for bed yet?

6. Purchases come with an 80 nights risk-free trial and warranty

We hope you’ll love your Octasmart® buy (and we think you will!) but we understand that you might be nervous about parting with your hard-earned money, that’s why all our products come with an 80 nights risk-free trial. This means that if you’ve slept on your topper or pillow for at least 30 days, and we recommend you do this to give your body time to adjust, and you’re still not happy, you’ve got the following 50 days to return your item for a refund or exchange.

You’ll also get an 8-year limited warranty on all toppers and a 2-year limited warranty on all pillows, for that extra peace of mind!

7. Free delivery and returns

You’ll get free delivery and returns on all products because… well, why not?

8. There are 6 million Octasmart customers around the world sleeping soundly...

We think our sleep products are dreamy but don’t just take our word for it! With over 6 million customers around the world enjoying Octasmart®, you’d be foolish not to listen to what they have to say about us…

***** I've had mine for a few months now and I'm very pleased. The back pain has become much better for me. Highly recommend. - Eva, Facebook


***** We should've done this years ago. It's great, no more hip pain! - Renée, Facebook


***** The best mattress topper. I have been using mine for 5 nights now and I'm having the best sleep ever. - Sharon, Facebook


***** OMG I slept like a baby. I used to have back pains, neck pains, and my whole body was in pain but I had the best sleep last night and I love it! - Beverly, Facebook

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I have recently had spinal fusion surgery and I have an adjustable bed but I am finding the mattress is far too hard . Not sleeping because I am still having pain and cramps in my legs and back from the surgery. Will the Octasmart plus topper help me sleep better while my body is still recovering from surgery. Is the topper made in Australia and where is it sent from. Thanks Joan

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