4 simple ways to keep good bed hygiene & the benefits

From sniffles to the flu, our bodies have lots of bugs to contend with, especially now as we come into the autumnal months with winter in sight. While many of us make an effort to take extra care of our bodies, we often forget that these nasties love to find a home… in our beds!

A recent study found that after just one week, pillowcases can have around 17,000x more bacteria than a toilet seat, while those left unwashed for four weeks had 39x the bacteria of a pet bowl. Gross, right!

To banish those unwanted germs, we’ve got 4 simple tips to keeping good bed hygiene:

1. Wash your bedding regularly: Every one to two weeks, you should be stripping your bed covers and putting them in a hot wash. You can also use a mattress protector to reduce the chance of sweat or skin particles getting into your mattress.

2. Vacuum your mattress often: It’s not usually part of the routine house clean but it should be. Dead skin and dust can accumulate on your mattress, so be sure to vacuum it once a month, paying particular attention to buttons and piping. You can also buy mattress and topper refresher and anti-dust mite sprays to give it a double dose of cleanliness. Make the task easy for yourself and factor it into your bedding wash day.

3. Tackle stains as soon as possible: The key to avoiding stains becoming permanent is tackling them as soon as possible so keep an eye out when changing your bedding. If you spot any, get to work quickly.

4. Air your bed every day: Like many of us, it’s a nice feeling to get up in the morning and make the bed so the room feels neat and tidy, but much to the contrary, we don’t recommend doing that. Instead, throw back your sheets and let the air get to your bed for at least 20 minutes to avoid moisture getting trapped beneath the covers.

Doing these simple things to keep your sleeping space clean will benefit you in a number of ways:

You’ll be less susceptible to illness
An unclean bed can quickly become infested with bacteria so it's not surprising that sleeping in a clean bed lessens your risk of catching an illness. Considering we spend about 1/3 of our life either sleeping or attempting to, it’s so worth taking the time to make your surrounds as hygienic as possible.

Your bed will be more comfortable
There's something very satisfying about snuggling up in crisp sheets, and while it’s not a benefit that can be measured by exact science, we can probably agree that it helps us to wind down mentally and drift off more easily wrapped up in comfy, clean bedding.

Better bedroom air quality
Your bed, and especially your mattress, is a magnet for dust and the dust mites that come with it. In an unclean environment there can be millions of particles lurking which can contribute to the poor air quality in your bedroom overall. By cleaning your bed thoroughly, you can eliminate much of this dust so breathing will be easier when you try to get to sleep.

It may ease allergies
On top of the dust, an unclean bed can also play host to all sorts of allergens such as pet hair, pollen, chemicals, and mould. Each of these can play havoc if you have allergies, even going as far as keeping you up at night sniffing and sneezing. By using our tips, you can rid your bed of pesky particles, allowing you a peaceful night's rest.

It can boost your mentality
Once you've spent some time cleaning your bed and creating a hygienic, comfortable haven, you’re likely to want to spend time relaxing in your bedroom, making night time’s something to look forward to. Tidy room, tidy mind, right?

By weaving our 4 simple tips into your daily, weekly, and monthly routine, you might find that you’re better off physically and mentally. So go on, give it a try and let us know how you get on, or send us your tips at @dormeooctasmart_au.

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